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You lost the community years ago

By AV . ·
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This format is odd to say the least for anyone that used Techrepublic in the past. You had a good thing and blew it.

Your new format isn't likely to attract new users.

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We are sad to hear that :-(

by tcavadias Staff In reply to You lost the community ye ...

We did take the many suggestions/ideas that have been given to us, and incorporated them into the new design.

What about the new format is odd outside of it not being exactly like the old forums? I am all ears for suggestions.

- Tam :-)

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new format

by john.a.wills In reply to We are sad to hear that : ...

I see no actual benefit about the new format except the greater precision/division of topics, which would be better with a sample of recent subject titles. Also, in the list of threads we should be told not only when each thread was last updated but by whom it was updated.

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We do have a recent activity unit and Recent Activity page

by tcavadias Staff In reply to new format

>> would be better with a sample of recent subject titles.

At the bottom of the main Community door: There is a recent activity module.
There is an actual Recent Activity page:

Both the module and the page lists all recent discussions, regardless of the forum in which they were submitted. Which makes it easier to see all activity without having to go into a forum.

There is one update coming soon to both of these (based on feedback) - and that is to also include all new comments, not just new discussions. So one can see all activity happening in a single spot.

Was this what you were looking for, or something different?

>> we should be told not only when each thread was last updated but by whom it was updated.

We do provide an updated time/date stamp. For who updated a discussion thread. I'll pass this suggestion along to our designer.

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Main community door...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to You lost the community ye ...

Still no main door for me.

The old style forums were simple and easy to navigate. Open the forums page, and boom, there was all the info on one page. Open a thread, and it was easy to follow, the visual trail was simple. Open a printable version, and I could copy and paste to study.

This is clunky, takes up too much screen space, is difficult to follow for having to move from page to page in a discussion. There's no NEED on the web for having to click to a new page after just a few replies. Keep it scrollable.

I keep checking in to see who's around, if things have gotten any cleaner and easy to deal with, and it's a big fat nope.

I miss this place, er... the "old TR".

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I Lost Interest

by TheChas In reply to You lost the community ye ...

I have not had any major issues with any of the site design changes. Yes, I tend to prefer the simple layout over one with multiple font sizes and graphics everywhere.

That said, what made me lose interest and not be around much was a change in the type of users and questions in the Q&A section.

It was a lot of fun when it felt like we were helping real users. When the questions turned into three bad categories: help desk help, homework, and users trying to get around admin restrictions, I just lost interest in spending time trying to find proper questions to answer.

I pop in from time to time just to see what might be going on.

I might also pop in from a newsletter link, or a search result.

Overall, it is good that TR still exists after all these years.


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