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Location: Noobyoobywabba, Palau

Industry: Education

Role: Education

Bio: I am a primarily self-taught PC (Windows) user. Upon reaching a certain level of proficiency, it became obvious that some 'formal education' in Computer Science/Information Systems would be a really good thing to acquire. After 7 years of furthering my education (with plenty more to come), I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that I will never know everything! I am now a Community College Instructor for both credit courses & our Continuing Education department. I stumbled into those positions via another position that I stumbled into while still a student at the aforementioned Community College-Supplemental Instruction Leader for Accounting & Psychology. 2 years into that, I was asked to serve as Interim SI Supervisor for the program. This particular position was an excellent opportunity, fascinating in many ways, & served as my introduction to teaching. To this day, I utilize the most basic SI principles in my classes. I teach Internet & Self-paced Open Lab classes. At an Introductory & Intermediate level I teach people to use their software, navigate their computers, utilize the Internet effectively & safely, & secure & maintain their systems for both the credit classes & Continuing Education. A primary goal in my teaching is to pass along what I call 'Principles of Paranoid Computing'. For Continuing Education I teach a Simple Home Repair for Women Class. This one is a blast! I engage in some lightweight Windows support for about a half-dozen clients & build PC's, though only rarely for others. I have been playing in 'plain old HTML' for awhile & loving it. All I need now is a host! (Shades of SG1!) I am interested in databases. Love the detail focus & information analysis angle. The next level of my 'formal education' will be devoted to database design & management along with further study in HTML. Hmmm... both are rather detail oriented. FWIW: I mouse left-handed. This can be a big pita in a default right-handed world.

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