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Bio: I am a Computer Technician, who builds, rebuilds and program's and re-programs computers for ladies on low income ie:{Welfare Mothers etc} Although most people on welfare would love the opportunity to learn and go to work, they don't often get the chance. Society isn't structured for advancement, it is structured to lock these unfortunate people in. Poverty is definately Big Business.
How I help, is, if I find out that a mother needs a Computer, I build one from various parts that I gather, put them together, put in the programming, such as a windows Program and MS Office etc. and then I give them the Computer. There is never any charge for any of this.
When a person is on low income, it's very easy to feel quite alone and lonely in the world with very little to do. It's easy to feel abandoned, lonely and discarded. By doing this for these people I am helping to relieve them of this feeling. I am also helping in re-asserting their abilities as I teach them how to use the Computers etc. Not to mention that they derive a lot of pleasure from thier computer. Now, they are not so alone anymore.
I also put in a few small games for Adults and kids alike. Now instead of being locked up in an apartment and feeling useless and alone, the person has a computer on which to pratice her skills and play games. This small gesture goes a long way towards making life a little easier for them and gives pleasure at the same time. In short, "I help out" Having survived Cancer, this is my way of paying forward. There is no charge for any of this ever, and is done in conjunction with Women's organizations.
This then, is what I do, I use my Computer skills to help the underpriviledged at no charge.
Being retired, it keeps me occupied and helps unfortunate Mothers with children on Welfare at the same time.
The payback is, when you see the smiles at the moment they get their new computers.
That's when it all become's well worth the effort.

Warmest Regards
Aaron A Baker

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