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Location: Canada

Industry: Business Services/Consulting (Tech-Related)

Role: Development Project Management

Bio: With over 20 years of systems experience and several years in marketing, HR, and accounting Glen brings a wealth of experience to consulting engagements. He backs this up academically with a B.Sc. in Computers from McMaster University, an MCPM from York University (in which he placed first in class) and a PMP (Project Management Professional).

He concentrates on the people side of development including project management, business analysis and process improvement. He has a particular interest in improving the skills and professionalism of IS teams.

Glen has published articles and white papers on change, methodologies and general management topics. He is the author of How to Document a Project Plan: What You Need To Know To Design A Project Management Plan Quickly and Easily, several editions of a PMP text and several other books on the topics of training, technology, business and general interest.

He is currently sharing his skills with others through teaching. You can find more information on him at

Member since: 2000

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