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Location: GoingBackHome, Florida, United States

Industry: Government - Local/State/Federal

Role: Systems Programmer / Development

Bio: Started using computers at 10. Been doing them ever since. Everything from Vic-20 and Apple II, to programming RPGII and COBOL, to writing blackbox apps in C, C , VC and VB. Also worked in building/repairing PCs since the 80286. Also worked with more DB(MSe)s than I can remember, including RBase 5000, dBase II-V, FoxPro, Clarion, Sybase, Oracle, etc. I dabbled in internet applications, but it's not my thing. Clicking a button should get an immediate response, not a click from the browser telling you it's submitted the page to the web server and you're now at the mercy of the internet bottleneck.

I am now a Systems Analyst and working toward restructuring my life...

...but wait...there's more...I'm now going into a software engineering position with a strictly Linux company. Ends up, I know more about Linux and PHP and MySQL from just my messing around...than most people here in this area know who are trained. Guess I am smarter than I look! LOL

Oh wait...now I'm back to Windows programming. Private companies love to layoff every couple years to boost their coffers. Go figure. Still working toward Linux-based home life...or maybe just doing without a PC all together.

Member since: 2005

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