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Location: United States

Bio: I've been a Unix administrator for the financial arm of a Big 3 auto company for about 9 years, but I still have plenty to learn. I've dabbled a bit in Perl and Korn shell scripts, and hacked some nawk code together, but still have lots of room for improvement. We are starting to use Linux in production as well.

I've also been supporting an OS/2 development environment for over 13 years, and still enjoy working with it and coding in REXX.

I received my BS from the University of Toledo (Ohio) in 1986. I have no technical certifications at this time.

Outside of work, I still play with computers way too much, but also sing, play guitar, flute, recorder, dabble with piano a bit, fly electric R/C planes, ski, ice skate, rollerblade, snowboard, bicycle, windsurf, and build acoustic guitars, when I'm not helping my 3 kids with homework, music lessons, and sports.

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