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Bio: Only officially "tech"ing for the past 4 years, although I was the "go-to" girl for computer questions for every company I ever worked for. Especially software glitches and "how-to"s. Just always had a knack for it. While at Deloitte & Touche, LLP people at all levels would call me before calling the help desk (and the help desk didn't mind that a bit). Since being hired as a tech (wannabe) with on-the-job training, I have learned a lot. (BTW, the OTJ training, I found, means pick up what you can on your own while you do a job you're not yet trained for.) But no matter - I learn what and where and when I can. Which is okay for a seat-of-the-pants type of gal. Training on the side when possible and reading every tech manual I can get my hands on. I think I'm ready to write one or two.

I also love computer graphics and do all the graphics, ads and other design for my company such as brochure and postcard designs, etc. Also create and send an email newsletter to clients and others a few times a year (that teach users how to be conscientious and intelligent users) that are developed in the email itself rather than as an attachment, so it's safer. Certified in Graphic Design, 3-D animation & Web Design.

Trained others on computers for many years before this job. One year, one other fellow and I trained thousands of New York Metro employees on their new Windows-based computer system. That was a marathon year.

Etc., etc., etc.

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