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You don?t need to replace what you have in order to add blades to your IT environment. HP BladeSystems fit in the same racks, connect to the most common networks and SANs, and you can use the same HP tools to manage your blades and other HP server and storage gear. Good times to consider blades include:
Out-dated infrastructure: Common pain points leading to a change in your IT equipment include high support cost, unreliability, low performance, complexity, inflexibility, security, running out of room and rising electric bills.

Upgrade: As part of a common three-to-five year technology refresh cycle, could include end of a leasing agreement.
Adding or Connecting to a SAN: Because BladeSystems eliminate many of the components needed to connect to a SAN, blade servers are 50 to 64% less expensive to connect to your SAN.

Virtualization: BladeSystems are a natural choice for virtualization. ProLiant server blades have all the required features for virtual machines and BladeSystems have the option to virtualize your network and external storage as part of one solution. Now, the Insight Control management suite also includes built-in Virtual Machine Manager to simplify the maintenance of a virtual solution.
Expansion: Natural business growth or a merger and acquisition that requires additional computing, network and storage.
Strategic initiative: Can include the addition of new applications or solutions designed to improve existing equipment or to add a new service.
Consolidation: The most common strategic initiative for large companies today and most common project associated with any of the four change events listed above. Usually paired with some form of virtualization and quickly followed with projects to raise utilization and lower operational costs.

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