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Location: United Kingdom

Bio: 1975-1978 HND Printing (Administration & Production). Spent most of 2nd & 3rd years trading Gymnasium tokens for Computer Room tokens. Cut my teeth on a dumb terminal with no screen, continuous feed paper data output, data entry was via spooled punched paper tape (similar to ye olde Telex machines). Spent almost twenty years - mostly in London and Surrey and West Sussex, as Paper Controller, Account Executive, Print Buyer(Govt. Ministry), Production Manager, Senior Estimator. In early 90's I began to notice the @$$ falling out of the printing industry and did a Mature Student year 1994-95 doing Post Graduate Computer Science. Ended up being an IT Consultant for, amongst others, printing companies that had survived the crash. Dropped everything in 2000, sold up, then hit Europe in a Hymer B564 motorhome. Now under bricks and mortar again, breathing the clean air beyond 57'N in the Scottish Highlands , enjoying being a defiantly single (having once sued for divorce, I'm not taking that route again!), Grumpy Old Man, and life is relatively good. Currently enduring the effects of Cerebral Atrophy but continuing to employ the 'better' side of my brain to help others. (I hope)

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