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Location: Uniontown, Ohio, United States

Industry: Health Care

Role: IT Department Manager

Bio: I spent several years with MCI SGUS/VANSIS in the early 90s providing support for early ebusiness dialup applications including CampusMCI, California Smog Check II Vehicle Information Database, California Firearms Information Systems and others.

In 1997 I moved to Fulltime Systems, makers of Octopus, CoStandBy Server and Fulltime Cluster (Legato Cluster) and Data Replication.

In 2001 I joined Intel's Supplier Integration Systems group, part of the global eBuisness team tasked with making Intel a 100% eBiz company by 2003.

I currently work for a medium sized organization hosting Electronic Medical Practice applications.

I am experienced with Win32, Linux and Unix platforms - with an emphasis on systems design, implementation and support.

You can follow me @dcolbert on Twitter. My personal blog, which often deals with non-technology and controversial subjects is at http://piddlyd.blogspot.com/

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