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Location: United States

Bio: I have been in this IT industry for over 15 years. I have architected and developed many business solutions for many companies, including fortune 500
companies, such as UPS and IBM. I have used technologies like C, C++, Java, HTML, PHP, JSP, Jive, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and DB2 on various platforms including Windows, Unix, and Stratus.<br><br><br>I have extensive experience in communications and networking development using UDP/IP, TCP/IP, X.25, RS-232, Motorola RNC 3000/VRM600 Radio Modems, GPS (Global Positioning System), Trimble StarView Map RSI (Remote System Interface)<br><br>Currently, I am responsible for architecting, developing, and launching CBS Interactive Community features and solutions. These solutions are and continue to be architected for re-use across many CBS Interactive brands like TechRepublic.com, ZDNet.com, BNET.com and MoneyWatch.com. This includes the Community features you are currently using here at TechRepublic.

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