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Location: United States

Bio: Native of Wolverhampton, UK. I have lived in the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands and moved to Wisconsin USA in 1998. I initially went to 'Tech School' in the early 90's back in the UK, focusing on graphic arts. After college I worked in sales, then went back to Art school for graphics. Unable to find a position in graphics, I moved to the Canaries.

After a couple of moves away from/ back to the UK, I came to the US in 97, on cultural exchange to work in a summer camp for individuals with disabilities. After the camp I worked in group homes for a couple of years, until I stumbled into IT in february 2000 as a PC support tech. Around 10 months after I was hired as PC support I found myself running the network. I replaced the white box/ 10mb hub environment with a 1GB backbone redundant core/ 100mb switch environment. I also upgraded from NT4 Exchange 5.5 to Windows/ Exchange 2000 and later implemented Win2K3/ EX2K3.

I then worked for one of Cisco's best global partners with network equipment (Cisco and AdTran). There I was responsible for IPT gateways, routing, switching, firewalls, IDS, IPS, VPN, wireless networking and VoIP.
In my current position I work primarily with network equipment (Cisco and HP). Mainly routing, switching, firewalls, IDS/IPS, VPN, WAP, LWAPP, WLC and MARS. Though I am also the backup Exchange and Windows admin.
I also play guitar, bass, keyboards, harmonica and drums. I draw/ paint, off road mountian bike, skydive and snowboard. I like to be outdoors hiking, watching the sunset, or astronomy.
I have been the lead vocalist in a number of Rock bands. I have been married to my beautiful wife since August 98. She gave birth to our first child (girl) in September 2002, and our second (boy) in May 2007.
I have a BTEC First in Information Technology, NVQ II in Computer Studies and a BTEC National in General Art & Design. I also have my MCSE, CCVP and CCSP and am currently studying for my CEH and CISSP.

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