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Location: SPRINGFIELD, Missouri, United States

Industry: Health Care

Role: Other IS/IT or Technology Function

Bio: I started in Healthcare in 1990 as a Medical Records Clerk. I showed an aptitude for teaching myself how to use our systems, and quickly became the trainer for all 160 Medical Records employees. In 1998, after becoming tired of working with physicians who didn't have a grip on reality, I moved to IT as an applications specialist and trainer.Shortly after that, I became the Sys Admin (totally unqualified)for the systems that I had been working with, and was tasked with getting them all Y2K ready. I'd never even installed a PC at this point, so, with the help of TR, and some good friends, I started learning, and successfully upgraded my systems. From there, I got my MCP (NT4.0), and promptly started moving more towards project management. While I don't do as much project management today, I still teach new IT employees the basics of how we implement projects at our organization. I am also brought in if a project is in jeopardy as a 3rd party who can get a project back on its feet without coming into conflict with the stakeholders.In 2006, I began moving more into integration. Currently, I'm responsible for 87 HL7 interfaces with a Cloverleaf Engine and am a Cloverleaf Certified Technician (Level 1).

Member since: 2000

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