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Location: North, United Kingdom

Industry: Banking/Accounting/Financial Services

Role: Systems Programmer / Development

Bio: Need alot more than 2000 characters for that. Started as junior support and development in 87. Serious commercial experience in HP, DEC, Unix, Linux and every windows environment since 3.0 ('cept ME, but I did say serious). All sorts of business environments. Been a client/server database developer since 96, using C, Delphi, VB and C# for front ends. C, C# and Delphi for middleware. MSSQL, Sybase, Oracle and MySQL for backends. Now heavily involved in moving from a Delphi to a C# code base, which is also a move from a basic CRUD to a document model approach.
Done a fair bit on the content stuff on the web side, both CGI and scripted. Over 20 years in the business without being proven incompetent.

Member since: 2003

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