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Location: United States

Bio: Ken began his career in communications with the U.S. Air Force back in 1972. During his eight years on active duty and four years in the active reserve he worked in electronic warfare, communications reconnaissance, and analog computer systems. His technical background spans tube and electromechanical systems, discreet solid state systems, and early integrated circuitry through today's highly sophisticated and integrated communications systems.

In the commercial sector Ken has worked in a variety of technical, business, and leadership positions. His roles have included business manager, network and system architect, operations manager, service manager, communications engineer, and technician. Ken was an early adopter of many of today's common business and technology solutions including network convergence, switched and routed networks, network management, and performance optimization. Ken designed and implemented LAN over twisted pair before 10baseT standards, championed optical campus area networks in the 1980's, and developed collaborative engineering solutions deemed impossible by the software and hardware providers.

Today Ken runs an independent information technology and telecom consulting company. Visit http://www.hilving.com for more information.

Ken can be reached via ICQ 104622930. Specify why you want to chat or you will be ignored.

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