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  • Triton 2.0 & The Future of OT Cyber-Attacks

    White Papers · Mar 2020 · Provided By Darktrace

    This white paper evaluates the development of known OT attack campaigns, and the wider progression of malware, in order to identify trends and extrapolate future scenarios. Special focus is given to the emergence of AI and machine learning techniques, which have revolutionized cyber defense, and will become even more critical...

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  • Autonomous Response: Threat Report 2019

    White Papers · Jul 2019 · Provided By Darktrace

    Business leaders in the digital age face remarkably urgent risk factors in an era of automated and fast-moving cyber-threat. These risks have heightened dramatically in recent years as threats develop and become more advanced, and as our digital businesses continue to grow in complexity, diversity, and scale. This report...

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  • Darktrace Discoveries in Asia

    White Papers · Apr 2019 · Provided By Darktrace

    As cyber-attacks continue to gain in speed and sophistication, organizations across Asia are embracing cyber AI to regain the advantage over today’s ever-changing adversary. This special report highlights five real-world threat scenarios in Asia that were identified and neutralized by Darktrace’s self-learning AI technology, before they had time to...

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