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  • Open Banking - Reshaping Financial Services

    White Papers · Jul 2021 · Provided By Imperva

    Open banking originated from a requirement to improve competition and promote more innovative online payment initiatives, and is now set to transform the banking industry with the potential to reshape the competitive landscape and consumer experience of the banking industry as we know it. Discover the benefits and advantages...

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  • Identity and Access Management Solutions for Banks

    Ebooks · May 2021 · Provided By Entrust

    Customer satisfaction is the key to staying competitive and growing your customer base. Old authentication processes cost you customers, efficiency and branch profits. Give your customers an omni-channel experience with instant and secure online access from their device of choice. Keep customers - and attract more - with Entrust Identity.

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  • Banking on Digital Risk

    White Papers · Aug 2020 · Provided By TIBCO

    The financial services industry is experiencing challenges across multiple areas, including: Volatility in monetary policy Economic uncertainty A retreat from global coordination Shifting regulatory and supervisory demands Introduction of new technologies (fintech) These challenges are putting pressure on the risk function and...

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  • 8 Simple Steps For Automating Governance

    White Papers · Apr 2020 · Provided By ServiceNow

    Managing layers of local, regional and global regulation is an exceedingly complex endeavor for financial services organizations, with no margin for error. Automating Governance, Risk and compliance (GRC) processes can significantly mitigate the risk of running afoul of regulators and reduce the resources necessary to maintain compliance. Our experience working...

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  • Futurum: Blockchain on LinuxONE

    White Papers · Mar 2020 · Provided By IBM

    Blockchain’s considerable capabilities for handling critical transactions while prioritizing security and enabling trust between participants in a business network will make the technology a key roadmap item for many enterprise transformations. The blockchain innovation opportunities are significant for enterprises; however, the challenges represented by the technology and process changes are...

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  • Equinix: Open Banking and Digital Transformation

    White Papers · Jan 2020 · Provided By Equinix

    Open banking allows consumers better access to their data, enabling them to make better choices about financial products and services. Regulators support open banking in order to drive financial services competition, promote innovation and create new partnerships. Combining data from financial institutions with open APIs, developers are creating a new...

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  • A CIO’s guide to building a bank that thrives on change

    White Papers · Dec 2019 · Provided By IBM

    In this e-book, discover industry intelligence and direct client success cases that provide a CIO’s guide to modernizing IT infrastructure and operations. You’ll learn the best strategies and receive recommendations for modernizing infrastructure and IT operations to lead disruption and manage rapid change for your bank, its operations and its...

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  • IBM Safer Payments

    White Papers · Dec 2019 · Provided By IBM

    IBM Safer Payments puts modern machine learning in the hands of on-site fraud management teams. It’s time for Safer Payments' Cognitive AI Next generation Safer Payments uses purpose-built fraud detection AI to narrow the window of opportunity fraudsters have to exploit you.

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  • Australia Passes Consumer Right Data Legislation. Time to get your Open Banking Strategy in High Gear

    White Papers · Jul 2019 · Provided By WSO2

    We hope your strategy for open banking is moving in a positive direction. With the CDR being approved, banks need to start accelerating their open banking implementations WSO2 has brought success to banks like Societe Generale with their open banking journeys.

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  • Digital Engineering: Top Three Imperatives for Banks and Financial Services Companies

    White Papers · Apr 2019 · Provided By Cognizant

    Struggling to grow market share amid increased fintech pressure, banking and financial services organizations need a blueprint for building modern digital capabilities from the get-go - while significantly reducing legacy technical debt and accelerating data center cost-cutting via cloud migration. Here are some practical strategies for achieving these goals, as...

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