Google Docs tips for advanced users


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  • Published November 17, 2021
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For nearly a decade I’ve spent the majority of my days using Google Docs. I’m a writer, it’s what I do. And because I use the tools so much, I’ve found plenty of ways to make it work for me on a level casual users might not know about.

Let’s fix that.

Although some of these tips might not apply to you, you can be sure to find one or two that you not only will use, but you’ll depend on to make your work with Google’s cloud-based office suite more efficient and flexible. None of these tips require a paid Google Workspace account, so anyone should be able to make use of them. You do, of course, need to have a Google account. Also, these tips are based on the desktop version of Google Docs, not the mobile option. Find out more in this PDF download from TechRepublic Premium.

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