Cloud services -- whether SaaS, IaaS, or PaaS -- are the IT investment of choice in today's "do more with less" market. Get the latest thought leadership and expert guidance here.

  • Modern Application Development Security - eBook

    Ebooks · Sep 2020 · Provided By Synopsys

    DevSecOps has moved security front and center in the world of modern development; however, security and development teams are driven by different metrics, making objective alignment challenging. This is further exacerbated by the fact that most security teams lack an understanding of modern application development practices. The move to microservices-driven...

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  • Consumer IAM for Dummies eBook

    Ebooks · Sep 2020 · Provided By IBM

    This book gives security and marketing leaders a practical understanding of consumer identity and access management services (CIAM). It describes the key differences between consumer and workforce identity, the business drivers, technology, and capabilities of CIAM solutions. Most importantly, you will discover practical advice and strategies to plan and deploy...

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  • QRadar: Detecting Threats As Your Business Grows

    Ebooks · Sep 2020 · Provided By IBM

    IBM QRadar empowers you to address your most important security challenges, no matter the size of your business. Choose a business size that matches yours to uncover how IBM QRadar can help your business.

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  • Cloud-managed Networks-The secret to success

    Ebooks · Sep 2020 · Provided By DataCom

    In today's digital age, a fast, reliable network maintains productivity and helps to keep your customers happy. This means your employees can connect and collaborate in the latest ways via mobile devices, cloud-based applications, and respond to customers faster than ever before. Ensuring the network performs at its best can...

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  • Making It Safe for Your People to Work Remotely

    Ebooks · Sep 2020 · Provided By Forcepoint

    These days, more of your people—maybe even your entire workforce—are working from home. Your operations have shifted, and your cybersecurity needs to, too. But even as the potential for risk widens amidst a rapidly evolving threat landscape, you can help keep your enterprise safe and your people productive.  Read...

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  • Containers and Kubernetes: Why Operators Should Care

    Ebooks · Sep 2020 · Provided By Red Hat

    If you are part of an operations team, you know that your company’s success depends on your team’s ability to operate digital services reliably at scale. Enterprises are increasingly turning to cloud native technologies, including containers and Kubernetes, to achieve this goal. If you are contemplating this transition, you are...

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  • Cloud-Native Meets Hybrid Cloud: A Strategy Guide

    Ebooks · Sep 2020 · Provided By Red Hat

    Information technology (IT) systems are the glue that holds modern enterprises together. Managing the pressures of constant change and updates is relevant since IT systems have become highly distributed across datacenter locations and public clouds — hybrid cloud IT is a reality for most organizations. In addition, a myriad of new development...

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  • Here’s why a cloud managed network is the best foundation for a future-focused workplace

    Ebooks · Aug 2020 · Provided By TeleApps

    2020 has been a challenging year for Australian businesses. Regardless of your state of digital transformation, it’s been a period of enormous change and uncertainty. IT teams have been placed under enormous pressure to provide a smooth and positive experience for employees – regardless of when and where they are...

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  • The future of healthcare has arrived ahead of schedule

    Ebooks · Aug 2020 · Provided By Trident

    Like many sectors, Australia Healthcare has fast-tracked its digital transformation to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. The rapid transition to telehealth has been fantastic for community health and safety, but it has also escalated cybersecurity risk. To manage risks effectively, it’s paramount to have a solid technology foundation such as robust,...

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  • A business pro's guide to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) (free PDF)

    Ebooks · Aug 2020 · Provided By TechRepublic

    Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a portfolio of cloud computing services that grew around the initial Google App Engine framework for hosting web applications from Google’s data centers. The cloud computing platform provides infrastructure tools and services for users to build applications and services on top of. Any organization in...

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