Compliance Practices in a Digital-First World On-Demand Webinar

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Provided by: Splunk
Topic: Security
Format: Videos
Businesses have come to realise all data is security relevant and defending against threats involves every department in a company. The need for a pragmatic way to manage risk and meet compliance standards calls for Splunk's best-in-breed Compliance Analytics App designed to support:
  • Any format, any source, any time scale
  • Real time visibility and reporting
  • Enhanced review efficiency and scope; from traditional manual sampling review to full automated, analytics driven review
  • Simple, easy to use dashboards, investigative search forms
  • Ability to centralize infrastructure, system and application logs
Watch the complimentary Splunk Compliance On-Demand Webinar which showcases curated compliance use cases that offers more comprehensive visibility of your security posture, starting with:
  • User Account monitoring
  • Privilege Accounts assignment control and approval process
  • Shared / Privileged account owners accountability and traceability
  • Disabling and removal of Privileged accounts
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