Checklist: Mergers & Acquisitions


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  • Published November 14, 2021
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Networks, systems and corresponding Information technology (IT) elements are often overlooked in the buildup to a merger or acquisition. Yet, as soon as an acquisition or merger completes, all attention quickly turns to maximizing the deal’s value, minimizing expenses, and adding efficiencies wherever possible. Without an understanding, however, of the IT tools and platforms in place at the new firm, and the manner in which the second organization’s systems and equipment will be integrated, chaos, delays, increased expense, and inefficiencies become likely.

An acquiring company can prevent confusion and optimize resources by beginning, as a deal heats up, an assessment of the target organization’s data and voice elements, network infrastructure, client systems, back office equipment, software, and policies and procedures.

Organizations shouldn’t wait until an acquisition is finalized to begin documenting the infrastructure, systems, equipment, and policies in place at both firms and developing a plan identifying which systems stay, what equipment goes, which competing elements are permitted to coexist, and what policies will serve as the new standard. Work should begin as soon as a potential merge appears likely.

There’s much to consider. Fortunately, creating a checklist can help ensure no critical elements—including data circuits, server standards, data preservation policies, proprietary applications, and cloud services—are overlooked.

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