Checklist: The ultimate PC and Mac migration checklist


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  • Published August 25, 2019
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When deploying new computers, using a simple checklist can ensure critical migration steps are not overlooked. Whether migrating Windows machines, from one Mac to another, or even between platforms, leveraging a checklist helps both users and technicians ensure the new system works as required.

What specific elements should such migrations track? This is where a PC and Mac migration checklist can help.

Of course, no checklist is perfect. But a quick review of the fundamentals during the migration process assists users receiving new computers in experiencing positive outcomes.

From the checklist

For most end users, receiving a new computer is an occasion for celebration. The system being replaced Is usually slower than the new machine, which usually boasts innovative features and more contemporary design. And which laptop users don’t appreciate fresh batteries that last longer?

The experience can turn decidedly negative, however, if the new computer doesn’t possess the same functionality, connectivity, applications, and files as before. Instead of having a new, more potent tool with which to fulfill professional responsibilities, end users without necessary programs, settings and file access struggle to perform the most basic tasks. Productivity suffers. Morale plummets.

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