Hiring kit: Data Scientist


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  • Published November 11, 2021
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The search for qualified candidates for an open data scientist position with the right education and the right experience will take time and require a comprehensive recruitment plan. This kit includes a job description, sample interview questions, and basic want ad to help you develop the most effective recruiting strategy.

From the job description:

Any interconnected and networked business enterprise looking to gain a competitive advantage over its competition must face one simple truth—the vast amounts of raw business-related data being generated by modern enterprise operations must be properly collected, collated, cleaned, processed, and analyzed before that data can be useful to decision makers or stakeholders. The Data Scientist is responsible for determining the methodology for how all that gets done.

Data Scientists typically have educational backgrounds in mathematics, statistics, computer sciences, or economics, but certain business management fields with statistical or scientific emphasis are also common. The Data Scientist uses their analytical, statistical, and programming skills to develop an algorithmic methodology that can transform large streams of raw data into useful information that can then be analyzed, parsed, and eventually used to make business decisions.

A strong candidate for an open Data Scientist position will have the demonstrated ability to use analytical and statistical tools to recognize potential patterns in business-generated data. They will be able to do this even though they may not know exactly which useful or insightful patterns will eventually emerge from that data. The process requires a delicate balance of technical knowledge and pattern recognition talent. It is a skill set acquired through extensive education, experience, and business acumen.

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