Hiring Kit: Database Engineer


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  • Published September 8, 2021
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With very few exceptions, successful modern businesses rely on data (customer data, client data, system data, industry data, weather data, etc.) to make their best business management decisions. Collecting, storing, and processing this data often requires the building of sophisticated, reliable, and resilient databases. Designing, developing, and implementing these databases is the job role of the database engineer.

In general, database engineers manage a company’s flow of information by designing and maintaining a database that provides informative and relevant data to other employees within the organization. The work typically involves working closely with other data professionals and database engineers rely on their expertise in programming languages and application development.

Recruiting a candidate with the right combination of database experience and technical expertise will require a comprehensive screening process. This Hiring Kit: Database Engineer, from TechRepublic Premium, provides an adjustable framework your business can use to find, recruit, and ultimately hire the right person for the job. Check out sample interview questions with analysis, job descriptions, salary information and more.

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