Hybrid cloud: Deployment, drivers, strategies, and value


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  • Published November 12, 2017
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From the report:

Cloud technology has established itself among companies of all sizes, in virtually every industry vertical and in every geography. In some cases, organizations have made conscious decisions to move to the cloud, incorporating cloud technologies and applications as part of their overall IT portfolios. In other cases, it has been vendors that have pushed companies into the cloud because it was the only way that companies could use a vendor application.

Regardless of how companies got to the cloud, there is now broad acceptance of both public and private clouds as complements (or even replacements) to on premises IT. Companies are realizing that they need to find ways to adopt a hybrid cloud approach that can take advantage of data and applications wherever the data and applications are resident—whether in public/private clouds or in an on premises data center. In this hybrid cloud environment, so named because it is a combination of public cloud, private cloud and on premises solutions, companies also want end to end security and governance—and the ability of cloud and data center applications to work together and to exchange data seamlessly and quickly. If this is the vision, different organizations are pursuing diverse strategies to get there.

The barriers to entry that must be overcome also vary by organization. This study takes a look at where organizations of all sizes, industry verticals and geographies are in their hybrid cloud strategies, where they think they will be in the future, and what vendors can do to help companies advance corporate hybrid cloud initiatives.

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