Quick glossary: Network attached storage


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  • Published November 10, 2019
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One of the more common and cost-effective data storage solutions for both large and small business enterprises is network attached storage (NAS). With a NAS system deployed, a business can provide fast, efficient, and inexpensive file-level storage at the local network level for several use cases including team collaboration and data backup.

NAS systems can be provided by specialized devices, file servers, and cloud-based services. Each type has advantages and disadvantages.

For example, some NAS appliances have built-in solutions for RAID redundancy and other quality of life solutions designed for smaller operators that do not have the time or expertise to develop those capabilities on their own.

Knowing how and when to deploy a NAS solution for your business requires at least some familiarity with the terminology surrounding the technology. This Quick glossary: Network Attached Storage, from TechRepublic Premium, explains 20 of the more common NAS associated terms and provides a foundational basis for implementing NAS solutions for your business.

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