Whistleblower policy


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  • Published February 20, 2020
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A whistleblower is defined as a person who spots or is made aware of unauthorized or illegal activity taking place within an organization and elects to report it to the appropriate individuals.

Facilitating whistleblowers and protecting them from repercussions is essential to ensure companies and employed personnel behave with ethics and integrity, by establishing consequences for those who fail to do so.

Failing to encourage whistleblowers can cause damage to the business in the form of lost revenue, lost customers, a negatively impacted reputation and legal lawsuits or criminal charges.

The purpose of this whistleblower policy is to provide guidelines for the practice of whistleblowing in order to ensure unethical and/or illegal acts can be investigated and guilty parties punished in order protect the organization and its employees.

This policy can be customized as needed to fit the needs of your organization.

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