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Alan Norton

You can contact me at I began my career as little more than a data retrieval and reporting person. Early in my career I did whatever I could to be productive, creating spreadsheets in Framework and charts in GraphWriter. I was PC oriented and soon learned how to tap into the data on the mainframe to produce the charts via a data download to the PC. I found a niche building client/server systems where I was responsible for each phase of the project life cycle. \ \ I am fortunate to have enjoyed a broad background in IT including interfacing PC's and shop floor insertion machines to the mainframe database. I have also been an independent contractor, perhaps the most satisfying part of my career. I transitioned several mid-frame systems to a PC network based Access/Visual Basic system in the contract position and learned what it takes to be successful on your own. \ \ My last position was an analyst/programmer for a large IT service provider in support of their global help desk reporting team including a role as project lead. \ \ I consider myself lucky to have been in at the beginning of the personal computer revolution. I am currently semi-retired and learning a new skill, professional writing.

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