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\ I'm an IT consultant, developer, and writer. I hold both MS and CompTIA certs and am a graduate of two IT industry trade schools. I was at one time the datacenter technician for the Wikimedia Foundation, probably the \"coolest\" job I've ever had: major geek points for being the first-ever paid employee of the Wikimedia Foundation. I was sad to give it up, but moving to Colorado kinda makes working in a Florida datacenter difficult. I have also written hundreds of articles for TechRepublic. \ Aside from directly work-related skills, I'm an ethical theorist and industry analyst with a keen eye toward open source technologies and intellectual property law. Both parents have worked in IT/IS about as long as I've lived, and I have an enthusiastic interest in computing even outside my profession. I've been playing with computers off and on since about 1980. I started just in time to see an IBM 7072 in operation. \ I'm an active member of a great many Internet-enabled and meatspace computing enthusiast and professional communities including mailing lists, LUGs, and so on. \ See more at: \ \ Apotheonic Labs \ blogstrapping \ Chad Perrin Dot Com \ Copyfree Initiative \ Singular IT, LLC \ UnivAcc \ \ You can find many of my TR articles in a publication listing at Apotheonic Labs, though changes in TR's CSS have broken formatting in a lot of them. \ \ \ Open Works License | \

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