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As a child, I dreamed of being a professional artist, despite my parents' continual insistence that \"an artist cannot eat the fruit he paints.\" I eventually ended up majoring in something even more ridiculous: English. Today, I am a professional graphic artist and illustrator with an appreciation for irony. \ \ I draw inspiration from life, of course, but also from an eclectic mix of artists ranging from Bosch to Dali to Giger; from Frazetta to Sorayama to BROM. My art usually involves dark, ominous imagery, surreal juxtapositions, or sensual female forms. On occasion, you'll get all three at once. \ \ I live near Seattle, Washington, with one woman, two children, three dogs and some cats. My favorite authors include Michael Moorcock, Neil Gaiman, Christopher Moore, Carl Hiaasen, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Edgar Allen Poe, and HP Lovecraft. \ \ You can read more of my ramblings at my blog, Cthulhu is my Copilot.