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Starting with a 1401, I moved on to a 360-20 and was a supervisor for a 360-65. I?m a member of The National Press Club of Washington and have been a contributing editor/writer to PC Companion, CD-ROM Review, ComputerCraft, Shareware Magazine, ID Systems, Capital Computer Digest, Computer Press (Moscow, U.S.S.R), was the Macintosh Editor for Vulcan's Computer Monthly, and Senior Editor for both Computer Monthly and Reseller World magazines. I was a major contributor to Computer Shopper. My Byte OCR benchmarks were listed in Cambridge Scientific Abstracts. I served as the Washington Bureau Chief for NewsBytes News Network and have also written reviews for PC Magazine. \ \ In my copious free time I work for Small Town Life Magazine, run a small eBay store, and live on my mini-horse, mini-donkey, and Jacob Sheep ranch. I also collect and restore classic cars. \ \ See also:,, and