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  • Digital Transformation

    Dell PowerEdge with AMD

    Today, the level of importance of IT to a modern, digital business is absolutely clear. Fifty-nine percent of organizations surveyed by ESG now derive at least some of their revenue from information-based products and services, which points to the fact that IT organizations and the applications/infrastructures they support have become not just business enablers, but ...

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Intersect360 Research White Paper: AI-Augmented-HPC-From-Dell-Drives-Customer-Successes

    High Performance Computing (HPC) is a long-term growth market, as it unlocks new insights and reduces time to discovery in a wide range of domains, such as manufacturing, energy, electronics, and pharmaceuticals. Dell is working with the community to expand the capabilities of AI augmented HPC. Dell is contributing not only domain-specific expertise, but specialized ...

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