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    Incident Reporting and Response Procedures Policy

    The purpose of the Incident Reporting and Response Procedures Policy from TechRepublic Premium is to establish a clear and efficient process for employees to report security breaches, device loss, or data exposure incidents involving personal devices used for work purposes. From the policy: CONFIDENTIAL REPORTING Employees are strongly encouraged to promptly report incidents, and they ...

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    Quick Glossary: Cryptocurrency

    Cryptocurrency is a popular technological worldwide trend. As with any investing avenue, the revenue one can make dealing in cryptocurrency can vary depending on the time put into the endeavors, market fluctuation, choice of investments, available capital, how loss averse you are, your short- and long-term strategies and other traditional investment factors. Be forewarned, scams ...

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    What Is Artificial General Intelligence?

    Artificial general intelligence, or AGI, is a hypothetical form of AI designed to perform human-level cognitive functions, such as the capacity to self-teach. AGI is regarded as very powerful since it can autonomously solve a wide variety of cognitive tasks, as opposed to weak or narrow AI systems that carry out only particular or specialized ...

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    Hiring Kit: Blockchain Engineer

    Moving well-beyond its cryptocurrency roots, blockchain technology has quickly become a sought-after component of application development in the modern business enterprise. Recruiting candidates with advanced software engineering experience and at least some familiarity with applied blockchain technology will take time and effort. This hiring kit from TechRepublic Premium provides a workable framework you can use ...

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