10 cool things you can do with TweakUI

Control panel control

TweakUI includes dozens of features that often go unnoticed but that can be real timesavers. Here are my 10 favorite TweakUI capabilities. Some are on my list because they make my life easier, while others are useful in the work environment.

Note: This gallery is also available as an entry in our 10 Things blog and as a PDF download.

The Control Panel Extensions element in TweakUI allows you to selectively enable and disable the display of individual Control Panel applets. This is useful when you want to allow users to retain relatively significant control over their desktops but want to limit some of the damage they can do on their own. Disabling Control Panel applets in this way only turns off the display of those applets. They are still available through other means, but not through the Control Panel itself.

By Scott Lowe

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