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10 flawed products that are really bad

Desktop multitouch form factor

Multitouch screen technology is relatively new and functions reasonably well on tablets, but moving it to the desktop doesn't work. We are accustomed to standard monitors, which use a mouse and keyboard. Although this technology is not ideal for the human wrist, shoulders, and back, it's far better than reaching out to a monitor to use multitouch. What we need is a desk with a built-in multitouch display on a horizontal surface. This position would be far more natural and ergonomic than any other and would really help make multitouch feasible and desirable. But for now, multitouch on the desktop is nothing more than a gimmick.

More candidates?
None of the failings of these technologies will bring the world to a halt. But each one can put a brake on productivity or even stop work altogether. Are there other technologies that you think are in need of urgent repair?

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