10 more Sysinternals tools to simplify routine Windows admin tasks

Disk Usage

Sometimes finding the size of a directory is convenient, but do you want to know the size on disk?  Sure Windows explorer can provide some information about the size of a directory; however ,I haven’t found that method particularly useful. Many times getting to the information when I need it is a bit of a hassle. This command line utility can display the size of the specified directory and files contained within it.

The command usage and the arguments it takes are below:

Usage: du [[-v] [-l ] | [-n]] [-q] (file or directory)

  • -l Specify the subdirectory depth to use, the utility defaults to all levels
  • -n Don’t recurse
  • -q Do not print the banner
  • -u Unique files or folders only please
  • -v Show information in intermediate directories

By Derek Schauland

Derek Schauland has been tinkering with Windows systems since 1997. He has supported Windows NT 4, worked phone support for an ISP, and is currently the IT Manager for a manufacturing company in Wisconsin.