10 most dangerous species of help desk analyst (slideshow)

10. Auxilium scriptomania: "Know-nothing" help desk analyst

This is a particularly dangerous Help Desker, and one I had the misfortune to encounter only this week. This one will stick to the script no matter how irrelevant and or unhelpful. As an example I will give a brief reconut of the call I had:

?Tech- “Hi my name is xxx how may I help you today?”
?Me-”Good Morning, this is Jeff, one of the field techs, can you please reset the download flag for unit number xxxxxxx.”
?Tech-”Sure, first I will need some details from you--your name and company name, your email address…”?Me-”No, I’m one of your guys, I just need the download flag reset.”
?Tech-”Sure, can you remove the mains cord for me and wait one full minute then restart the machine.”
?Me-”No, there is no problem with the machine, I just need the download reset”.
?Tech-”Please hold one moment”
?20 minutes of Mantovani ----
?Tech-”Thank you for holding, is there anything else I can help you with today?”
?Me- “Grrrrrrrr!”

?This call usually takes about 8 seconds, but Auxilium Scriptomania can make it last forever.

Caption by: Jeff Dray

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