10+ applications for getting down to business with Windows Mobile 6

With the right apps, your phone can become a full-fledged tiny computer.

By Debra Littlejohn Shinder, MCSE, MVP

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Mobile phones such as my new i760 aren't just fancy phones -- they're full-fledged tiny computers. You can do a lot with them that you do with your full-size desktop or expensive laptop, if you have the right software installed. Here's a rundown of some of my favorite apps for my Windows Mobile 6 phone. They make it more fun to use as well as more functional for business.

I bought most of my WM applications from Handango, but you can get many of them from the software vendor's Web site or from other sources. I'll be referencing vendor Web sites in this article.

By Deb Shinder

Debra Littlejohn Shinder, MCSE, MVP is a technology consultant, trainer, and writer who has authored a number of books on computer operating systems, networking, and security. Deb is a tech editor, developmental editor, and contributor to over 20 add...