10 Sysinternals tools you shouldn't be without

#10 Sync

This utility was created to mirror a UNIX utility that will allow you to flush cached file system data to disk. Doing this can help prevent problems with lost system information in the event of a system failure, and help to ensure live system information is getting written to disk.

The way I see this being useful depends on how stable you feel your system is. If your computer tends to crash more than you would like (or if you are testing some scenarios), you might create a scheduled task to ensure that the system info is flushed back to disk once per hour or some other pre-defined time frame.

Another cool thing about this sync utility is that USB or ZIP drives or other removable drives can be flushed. You will need administrative privileges to use Sync.

About Derek Schauland

Derek Schauland has been tinkering with Windows systems since 1997. He has supported Windows NT 4, worked phone support for an ISP, and is currently the IT Manager for a manufacturing company in Wisconsin.

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