10 web design tragedies

Number 8:

An existentialist journey to nowhere, zombo. Hypnotic, minimalist, intoxicating in its mystery, zombo awaits you. It sits there, proudly announcing itself, but what does it mean? You stare at it. You stare at it some more, play with it a little, hoping to find some rhyme or reason for its existence. You look for hidden meanings as a feeling creeps into your head that maybe, just maybe, the answers to all of life's mysteries are hidden somewhere in the site if only you look at it long enough. They must be there. They have to be. Like a bug zapper glowing brightly on your screen, it urges you closer, ever closer, to go into the light....

About Todd Fluhr

Todd Fluhr is a freelance writer and multimedia designer. A self-described "Shockwave Rider" of technology, culture, and creativity, he has been involved in the interactive entertainment industry since the early 90's. He hopes to find time to sleep s...

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