10 web design tragedies

Number 7:

A quick web search for teeth brightening has brought me to Pearl Brite. Surely I'm just a click or two from my goal of exploring the amazing world of shining tooth options and ... whoa! It's a flash-heavy interface. Okay. I can deal with that. Here we go and whoa! What's up with this? Floating blue balls? Where's the navigation links? How do I navigate the site? Oh, wait, the balls do something when I mouse over them. I see, there's the navigation, hidden inside the balls. All I have to do is play with the blue balls to navigate around. Okay, that goes there. This one does that. This one is-- hey! Stop moving around! Which ball was the Contact Us again?  The hidden links keep moving around! What is this, a hide the pea game? Stop moving around! Where's that link again? Arrgggh!

About Todd Fluhr

Todd Fluhr is a freelance writer and multimedia designer. A self-described "Shockwave Rider" of technology, culture, and creativity, he has been involved in the interactive entertainment industry since the early 90's. He hopes to find time to sleep s...

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