10 web design tragedies

Number 3:

Richard Hoagland is best known as a conspiracy theorist and fringe thinker. He has several published books to his credit and is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. He single-handedly created the "Face on Mars" controversy with his book, "The Monuments of Mars". As a successful author he should be capable of having a decent website constructed. As someone concerned with public image and technology, you'd think he'd want his website to be easy to navigate and well-designed. But no.  Welcome to the rambling, scrolling, self-indulgent train-wreck known as the Enterprise Mission. Upon second thought, maybe the website isn't a failure after all. It does seem to perfectly reflect his personality.

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Todd Fluhr is a freelance writer and multimedia designer. A self-described "Shockwave Rider" of technology, culture, and creativity, he has been involved in the interactive entertainment industry since the early 90's. He hopes to find time to sleep s...

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