$180 RAMOS MID W9 Android Tablet teardown

RAMOS MID W9 Android Tablet: Technical Specifications

As of this writing, FocalPrice lists the RAMOS MID W9 at $179.90 (US) with free shipping. The device has a 7-inch TFT-LCD (800x480 resolution) with resistive touchscreen, HDMI output, and runs Android 2.1. Inside the W9, you'll find a Rockchip 2818 processor (which can operate at up to 640 MHz), 8GB of NAND flash storage, and 2GB system memory. It also supports Wi-Fi and 3G.

Note: Several of the technical specifications listed on FocalPrice's website appear to be mislabeled. For example, the company reports that the W9's "Max RAM Support" is 32G and the "Hard Drive Capacity" is 2G. Neither of these values make sense. When most new laptops come with 4GB of RAM, I doubt a low-cost tablet is getting 32GB of RAM. Furthermore, I would expect even a sub-$200 tablet like the W9 to have more than 2GB of storage. After looking at the chips, I believe the W9 we tested actually has 2GB of system memory (RAM) and 8GB of storage.

Photo by: Bill Detwiler / TechRepublic
Caption by: Bill Detwiler

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