Photos: 45 books every techie should read

Innovation and Its Enemies: Why People Resist New Technologies

Author Calestous Juma's book reviews nearly 600 years of technological history to examine society's need for innovation, juxtaposed with societal pressures to maintain continuity, order, and stability. Juma details case studies about how inventions such as coffee, the printing press, electricity, transgenic crops and animals, etc. have emerged, created new institutional ecologies, and taken root in the modern marketplace. Innovation and Its Enemies utilizes historical lessons to provide context to debates about current technologies like AI, 3D printing, gene editing, renewable energy and more. Juma urges public leaders to work in tandem with scientists, engineers, and ,entrepreneurs to find better ways to manage and expand growing technologies.

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By Kristen Lotze

Kristen Lotze is an Associate Writer for TechRepublic. She is a graduate of the University of Louisville, and previously worked as an intern in the Marketing and Communications department at Metropolitan State University of Denver.