After Hours

A galaxy far, far, away comes to Brazil

May I see your employee pass?

The Star Wars Exhibit Museum opened on March 5 on the "Porão das Artes" at the Ibirapuera Park in São Paulo, where it will be until June 29.

Children can take a course at the "Jedi Academy" (and face Darth Vader himself at the end) and adults can take a guided/scheduled tour.

Loaded with official costumes, props and models that were used in all six Star Wars films, this traveling exhibit is second only to the archives of the Jedi Temple.

LucasFilm sent a squadron of Stormtroopers out to visit various tech offices in Brazil as a promotion for the exhibit. (I could think of a couple ex-bosses of mine who could use a visit from these guys.)

Photo courtesy of Rigues.