Anatomy of Word: Use the Outline View to build complete and persuasive documents

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Have you been tasked with writing a lengthy report from scratch for your boss? Are you not sure where to begin? Consider this: Attack this writing project as if it were any project and start with a plan. For most writing projects, development of an outline satisfies the planning process. Use Word's outlining feature to very quickly and easily development your outline. At the same time, begin to populate your outline with text in the sections where you can.

The Outline View

To support its outlining capability, Word provides you with the "Outline View", which, as you might expect, shows you your entire document as an outline. Be warned: Upon first use, the outline view is pretty confusing--that is, until you start to use it and realize that everything is really working the way it should.

Notice the indentation and symbols in front of each section of text. First off, it's fairly obvious that the pattern of the indentation down the page indicates an outline of some sort.

By Scott Lowe

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