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If the stock Android browser was the best browser going around, then much of this article would be moot.

This browser was sorely lacking for Android's Gingerbread release, but, thankfully, it was updated and given more features in later releases.

When I was using an ICS-based Transformer Prime tablet for the Programming Android on Android piece, the stock browser quickly became my preferred browser — the primary reason being the support for the Prime's keyboard attachment that allowed regular desktop shortcuts to be used.

Much of this comes down to the tuning that each vendor does to its Android implementation.

The picture shown above is HTC's take on the Android browser: it has an added history feature, but is missing the feature to save a page for offline reading that other vendors' Android browsers have.

Giving a recommendation on this app has to be taken on a case-by-case basis. For ICS devices, if the device is an HTC, I wouldn't use it; but if it was the Transformer Prime with the dock attachment, then I would.

If you are still using a Gingerbread device, then I can definitely recommend that you look beyond the stock browser.

By Chris Duckett

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