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Anyone for Pi? Mods and hacks for the Raspberry Pi

The Pi won't run Windows 7 natively, but there are ways to get the OS onto the machine.

An enthusiast managed to get Raspberry Pi to run a Windows 7 virtual desktop using Citrix XenDesktop 5.6 on a VMware ESXi 5 hypervisor.

The Pi in question was running the Debian Squeeze version 6.0 OS and had Citrix Receiver and the Iceweasel browser preloaded.

Raspberry Pi foundation spokeswoman Liz Upton said businesses could use the $40 Raspberry Pi as a cheap way to access the Microsoft OS.

"Run a bunch of instances of Windows on your server, push the displays out to many Raspberry Pis, and you've got a cheap way of getting Windows onto desks at work, without having to fork out for a full-cost PC," Upton wrote in a blog post.

Screenshot: VirtualBigBANGtheory/

By Nick Heath

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