Apple patent hints at touchscreen iMacs and MacBooks

Figure 9b

FIG. 9B shows the result of the pulldown. The items of UI 800, including application window 811, thumbnail images 817, and buttons 818, have moved downward with the user's hand, and enlarged menu bar 603 (903) along with enlarged menu bar items 605 (905) have been pulled down from an offscreen position and are now viewable on screen 601. As shown in FIG. 9B, the user now has access to menu bar items 905, and consequently, may be able to select items from drop-down menus of menu bar 903. This may allow the user to access functions that might not otherwise be accessible in a low resolution input mode UI.

Image and summary taken from U.S. Patent Application number: 12/171,147 - Digitized by Google

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