Bryce 5.5: The Right Tool for the Job?

Bryce 5.5 from DAZ Productions

By Jay Major

Bryce is a 3D illustration and rendering program intended to help you create breathtakingly realistic 3D landscapes and animations in a fairly intuitive way, using a drag-and-drop interface on a real-time canvas.

You may download Bryce 5.5 for free from the TechRepublic Software Library.

Bryce has been around in various forms for years, and has changed hands several times along the way. Now it looks like DAZ Productions is making version 5.5 available for the Mac under OS X. To me, this is a welcome upgrade from having to run it under Classic, which was never as fast as running it natively on my pre-OS X PowerPC. I am eager to see if it's still as fun and easy to use as it used to be, and creates the same great 3D images.

View this image gallery to see Bryce 5.5 in action and discover whether it is the Right Tool for the Job.

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